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Robbie Byrne is a former Scots Guards bagpiper and has performed for the Queen of England during state visits at Buckingham Palace, London. He has appeared on BBC TV and Radio. He performed at the Edinburgh Tattoo, the Queen's Birthday and trooping the colour parades. He has performed at the famous Albert Hall, the Festival Hall, Earls Court, Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena and Celtic, folk and traditional music festivals in Scotland, Ireland, England, Europe, Canada and America. After moving to California, Robbie co-founded the first Irish Traditional music session in Bakersfield, before co-founding the first Irish Heritage club of Bakersfield. He helped increase and enhance the Scottish and Irish Cultures of Bakersfield and parts of California. Robbie performs at funerals, weddings and social functions as well as music festivals and has recorded six albums to date. He also teaches Bagpipes, Uilleann (Irish) pipes and penny whistles. Check out the "My Music" link for samples of his music. Robbie is also a published author and award-winning playwright.



Michael Perrin was born with severe cerebral palsy—a fertile seed trapped inside a withered, dying pod. He loves his care assistant, Katie, unbeknown to her. Destiny, in the angelic form of Eve, gives Michael a chance to live a normal and healthy life. He rises from his wheelchair and walks into an alternative world and discovers that the Michael Perrin in this world has a family and a fiancée called Lucy, the alter ego of Katie. For the first time in his life, Michael makes love to the woman he adores. On his return to his old world, he discovers Katie is pregnant. Michael dies, and during his transformation from this world to the next something miraculous happens: a part of Michael's soul is passed on to Katie's newborn child, a new life that will never be confined to a wheelchair.



Eddie Mulligan had a horrendous upbringing. As a fighting soldier in Northern Ireland, he lost his best friend to an Irish Sniper's bullet. As a caring and loving husband, he lost his wife to cancer, and his son in a tragic accident. As a man, he rejected and lost his God. As an intelligent human being he eventually found and followed a trail of bright, shiny pennies. Grief and guilt become like a heavy chain around his neck, puling him down further into the depths of sadness and madness. Slowly, he is transformed, strengthened and slowlly guided away from his living hell by those bright, shiny pennies, to the better future that awaits him.


As young lovers, Mary and Phil swim out to a buoy in the Irish Sea. Halfway back to the beach, Mary gets cramp and almost drowns. Phil gives her the kiss of life. He saved her life that night. Years later, he develops Parkinson’s disease. Phil starts to stoop and stumble and shuffle his way through each agonizing day. His devoted wife and her family try to adjust to Phil’s frustration and obvious pain. But how much physical pain can a man endure? How much mental stress can a woman tolerate? As he deteriorates, he begs Mary to take him back to the beach of their youth, to head out towards their buoy again, to now save him from his pain. One night he sneaks out of their cottage and manages to find his way down to the water’s edge. Mary wakes, and goes after him. They walk into the sea and, under the waning moon, head toward the buoy. The ultimate test of their love confronts them: the decision between life and death.



(The Autobiography of Robbie Byrne)




Robbie & Di Sheree appearing in National Enquirer, USA, January, 2007, concerning Di Sheree reading Mulligan's Pennies, then falling in love with the main character, then meeting the author and marrying him.

A Song for Layla (c) Robbie Byrne, 2012.


Robbie & Di Sheree appearing in English Newspaper, December, 2006. Also concerning the above story.


Robbie & Di Sheree appearing in English Magazine, April, 2007, concerning the above story.